What is ITB Syndrome?

Iliotibial band syndrome can be extremely painful. This is because the iliotibial is a large band that runs along your thigh. When someone gets ITB syndrome, they often feel pain while running or doing activities. This is due to the inflammation of the iliotibial band. Here at Llin Physical Therapy, we understand the pain and frustration ITB syndrome can cause. This is why we offer telehealth physical therapy in NYC and other resources!

What is an Iliotibial Band?


An Iliotibial band that many refer to as the IT band, is a band of tissue that runs from the hip to the knee. This band provides support and strength for the knee and leg itself. The IT band is used the day to day to perform normal activities. It is especially important for those who run and/or are very active. Overuse of the IT band can cause injury and because of its importance, can cause a lot of pain.


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What is ITB Syndrome?


ITB syndrome occurs when inflammation is seen in the IT band. This means that instead of the band smoothly gliding as it should, a large amount of friction occurs in the inflamed area. ITB Syndrome is often seen in athletes like runners and long-distance bikers. ITB occurs when the IT band is overused so it would make sense that these athletes would be most at risk to ITB syndrome. When athletes fail to stretch and train before competing, it can cause harm to their IT band. It is also possible that an athlete may have a lower body imbalance that causes the IT band to compensate. If you’re experiencing pain in your IT band, it is important to reach out to a doctor. Telehealth Physical Therapy in NYC is a great way to reach out to a doctor at this time!

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ITB Syndrome is a very serious condition. Ignoring symptoms of ITB Syndrome can cause further damage to your leg and body. It is also important for athletes who suffer from this condition to reach out immediately to prevent damage that could stop them from competing. Here at Llin Physical Therapy, we want to see you succeed and be happy which is why we work to treat your concerns as fast as we can! Contact us today!