What Is Scapular Dyskinesis

The scapula (shoulder blade) has various functions within your body.  Healthy scapulas allow for shoulder rotation to take place, and act as a stable base for rotator cuff activation.  Even the slightest issues that occur to the tissues near the scapula can cause large problems that require Upper East Side physical therapy to correct.  Scapular dyskinesis is one of these issues, and should not be taken lightly.  If you believe you are suffering from this, our team at Llin Physical Therapy will be able to confirm the diagnosis before coming up with a comprehensive plan for treatment to eliminate this condition and restore your function.


What Is Scapular Dyskinesis?


Scapular dyskinesis is a condition that causes an abnormal positioning of the scapula.  For many people, this condition is a direct result of repetitive use of the shoulder. When the scapula is subject to abnormal positioning, the potential for developing the following symptoms increase:

  • Pain and tenderness around the scapula.

  • The affected shoulder blade sits lower than the other. 

  • Experiencing a popping or snapping sensation during shoulder movement.

  • Loss of strength and range of motion.


Causes And Risk Factors


Understanding the causes and risk factors of scapular dyskinesis will help you work towards avoiding this condition, keeping you out of the need for Upper East Side physical therapy.  As we’ve previously stated, repetitive overuse of the shoulder plays a large role in the development of the abnormal positioning of the scapula. In addition, muscle weakness or imbalances and using poor overhead mechanics when moving your shoulder increase your likelihood of developing scapular dyskinesis.  


Certain risk factors will welcome the presence of this condition as well.  Below are a few examples of risk factors our team recommends to watch for:

  • Sports that require an overhead throwing motion.

  • Having loose joints.

  • Increasing your throwing velocity.

  • Poor physical conditioning.

  • Personal history of shoulder injuries.


Prevention and Treatment


Just like with any other injuries and conditions, there are steps you can take to help prevent the development of scapular dyskinesis.  Taking the time to warm up before physical activity that requires overhead motion is one example of this. Doing so will allow your shoulder to prepare for the stress that is about to take place. Always utilizing proper form when throwing or doing other overhead movements is another excellent preventative method you can incorporate!


Unfortunately, even after focusing on using preventative methods, scapular dyskinesis can still occur.  When this happens in your life, the team at Llin Physical Therapy will only be one call away. We offer the best Upper East Side physical therapy available to correct any muscular imbalances that led to this condition.  Through the use of stretches and strengthening exercises, our physical therapist will heal your injury, and help you achieve the following:

  • Increase strength in the muscles around your scapula.

  • Restore your full range of motion in your shoulder blade.

  • Reduce the risk of re-injury.


At Llin Physical Therapy, our team can help patients deal with scapular dyskinesis, as well as a large range of other shoulder issues as well.  When you’re ready to receive the care you need, visit our homepage to contact us today!