Does Stretching Really help Performance?

The often forgotten part of a workout may be the most important one. Stretching is one of the most critical aspects of one's workout. Upper East Side physical therapy can help you incorporate stretching into your daily physical activity and improve your all-around physical performance. 


Stretching can improve your body's circulation, muscle function, range of motion, and consistently help an athlete's performance. When you stretch, it causes your muscles to contract and flex, thereby increasing your muscles' blood flow, allowing for a better workout. 


Having better blood circulation can help immensely in one's performance. With better blood flow comes an increase in the body's number of nutrients; this which then aids the body to dispose of harmful waste in the muscles and decreases recovery time. This means you can work more with better quality reps. 


Upper East Side physical Therapy

Increased range of motion and better circulation will decrease your recovery time. This gives you more quality time to have better-focused reps for your workouts and decrease your body's stress. Not only does the release of tension in your body help you physically in your performance. It also helps mentally get you to relax and focus slowly on the tasks at hand. Upper East Side physical therapy helps immensely incorporate a regime that has stretching exercises that improve your performance. 

Regardless of what point you incorporate stretching into your performance regime, you will be sure to see some sort of positive result. Having better posture, increase blood flow, and decrease muscle tension, the goal improved performance

It is important to be consistent with your stretching and not to overcompensate before a performance or workout. Some studies had yielded results in which intense stretching before a workout yielded adverse effects compared to those who incorporate regular stretching into their regime. Stretching 20 minutes or so before your workout or immediately after seems to produce the proper results. 


Stretching at the end of a workout can help boost your flexibility and reduce the risk of injury by decreasing the muscle tension in one's body after a workout. It doe not take long to stretch after a workout, and you may notice little differences in your performance because of it.