How can I strengthen my ankle tendons?

A tendon is a connective piece of tissue that attaches the muscle to the bone. The ankle tendon, also known as the Achilles tendon, runs down the back of the lower leg and connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. Ankle injuries are a very common injury and can damage the ankle tendons. There are ways that you can strengthen your ankle tendons in order to prevent injury or to recover from an injury.

  • Sprained ankle

  • High ankle sprain

  • Achilles tendon rupture

  • Peroneal tendon subluxation

  • Jones fracture

  • Lateral malleolus fracture


Strengthening your ankle tendons


After an injury, 30% to 70% of people will experience chronic ankle instability. It is important to strengthen the ankle after an injury in order to prevent instability and a worsening injury. 


Physical therapy is an extremely helpful way to strengthen the ankle and regain mobility after an injury. A physical therapist can help decide which exercises will work best for your condition. Rehabilitation for your ankle can feel like a slow process but is very beneficial. Ankle rehab programs usually start with non-weight bearing ankle motion exercises then eventually will move onto more weight-bearing exercises. Aside from recovering from an injury, physical therapy can also help strengthen your ankle tendon in order to prevent injury in the future. This can be helpful for athletes, dance, or anyone who is constantly putting weight on their ankles and changing their motion.


Cash-Based Physical Therapy


When recovering from an injury that has long-lasting impacts, such as an ankle injury, one physical therapy appointment can turn into several. At Llin Physical Therapy, we offer cash-based physical therapy. Cash-based therapy in NYC allows us to treat you based on the care you need rather than what your insurance will cover. This program has been very beneficial in terms of making PT much more affordable and effective.

Common ankle injuries


Your ankle tendons are a very strong part of your body; however, they are very susceptible to injury. Whether you are an athlete or never played a sport a day in your life, you're constantly putting wear and tear on your ankles. Strengthening your ankle tendons can help to prevent some of these injuries and make the recovery process smoother. Here are some of the most common ankle injuries:

ankle pain