Rehabilitation After Shoulder Surgery

After receiving shoulder surgery, rehabilitation is often the next step in the recovery process. Rehabilitation or physical therapy can help improve your mobility, strengthen muscles in the shoulder, and decrease shoulder pain. Making an appointment for upper east side rehab with Llin Physical Therapy can prevent post-op complications such as frozen shoulder or contractures. There are a variety of shoulder surgeries that may require shoulder rehabilitation. The most common shoulder surgeries are:


  • Rotator cuff repair

  • Labrum repair

  • Clavicle fracture reduction

  • Biceps tendon repair

  • Subacromial decompression



Depending on which shoulder surgery you receive, there are specific treatments that you will receive from going to an upper east side rehab. These exercises and stretches typically start with simple motions and gradually become more difficult as you get further into your treatment. However, you will find that there are a variety of exercises used throughout all shoulder rehabilitation programs. These exercises include:


  • Passive Shoulder Range of Motion Exercises

  • Active Range of Motion Exercises

  • Overhead Throwing and Reaching Exercises

  • Scapular Stabilization Exercises


Many physical therapists will provide their patients with additional exercises to do at home to help with the recovery process. Doctors typically recommend that patients exercise their shoulders for 10 to 15 minutes about 2 or 3 times a day. These exercises will help ensure that your shoulder will return to optimal function levels. However, it is essential to use pain as your guide. If you are experiencing pain while completing these exercises independently, you may be doing too much too soon. If this is the case, you should let a doctor know. Doing too much too soon can cause a delay in your recovery process.  


These exercises must be incorporated into daily life as quickly as possible. Any delays in starting an upper east side rehab program can cause muscle stiffness and weakness. This delay in recovery can be painful and cause a great deal of discomfort.


If you have an upcoming surgery planned, or you want to begin your post-surgery recovery process, start looking into upper east side rehab programs. Llin Physical Therapy offers various post-surgery treatments that are guaranteed to get your shoulder back to its optimal function. 

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