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Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain

If you're searching for physical therapy Midtown East for your lower back pain, look no further! Llin Physical Therapy has your back — literally. We are here to provide comprehensive, one-on-one care for our patients. Llin Physical Therapy Midtown East  offers experienced care at the tip of your fingers! We have a mobile app that allows you to make appointments for physical therapy from anywhere you are!  Most physical therapy treatments designed for lower back pain will include some combination of the following exercises:





Proper stretching paired with active exercise should help maintain a normal range of motion as well as provide relief for muscles that may be suffering from disuse atrophy, spasm from improper posture, or nerve irregularities. Following a stretching routine specifically tailored to the patient by his/her medical professional is one of the simplest paths to recovery.



Dynamic Stabilization


Exercise balls, balancing machines, and specific stabilizing exercises all have at least one thing in common: dynamic stabilization. These types of exercises strengthen the secondary muscles of the spine as well as the range of motion for the spine itself.



Core Strength


Strengthening the abdominal muscles as well as the lower back muscles is what core strength is all about. Some core strength exercises are:

  • Specific Abdominal Strengthening: Abdominal machines, crunches, sit-ups, and leg raises.

  • Lower Back Exercises: Extends the spine by utilizing the lower back muscles. If the machines designed for these exercises are not readily available, another method to execute the exercise is to lie on your stomach while slowly raising your chest from the ground. 

  •  'Good-mornings': An exercise that specifically strengthens the lower back muscles. The patient stands with his/her legs straight and shoulder width apart, with a weighted bar (typically a broomstick) across the shoulders. Then, the patient slowly bends forward until his/her back is nearly parallel to the floor before returning to the starting posture. These are very similar to bending down to touch your toes, but with weight across your shoulders being involved.



Physical Therapy Midtown East


Lower back pain sufferers are often referred to physical therapy in an effort to supply the patient with non-surgical treatment and recovery before considering more invasive treatments, such as back surgery, if all else fails. With physical therapy, the hope is that there will be a decrease in back pain, increase in function, as well as to ingrain a steady and disciplined workout routine in the patient for the purpose of preventing future back issues. For the best physical therapy Midtown East, contact Llin PT by calling (917) 710-1413, visiting our website to get in touch!