Physical Therapy after Hip Flexor Injuries

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Hip Flexor Injuries and You


Hip flexor injuries can often feel debilitating in a lot of ways. Things that once seemed easy now seem more difficult to ever imagine. Taking the hip and hip flexors for granted is a very real reality for many of our clientele and staff alike. However, if you’re looking for a solution to a recent hip flexor injury, look no further than our Private Physical Therapy center on the upper east side of NYC. Llin Physical Therapy guarantees a holistic approach to physical therapy and guidance, pushing for a more efficient recovery. We tone and strengthen near the point of injury and every muscle that interacts with the injury point. This, as well as employing exercises and muscle rehabilitation techniques to allow for a more manageable situation for your injury. For more information on how Llin Physical therapy can promote fantastic pain management for your hip flexor injury, visit our website and contact one of our fantastic specialists or representatives today!


Using Physical Therapy for Hip Flexor Injuries


Some of our wonderful specialists recommend physical therapy exercises are the best way to educate yourself on how to start repairing your hip flexor injury before even coming into our clinic. Below are some exercises and stretches that the expert at our Private Physical Therapy upper east side NYC recommends.

  • Hamstring stretch: Doing this stretch requires you to lie on the ground on your back, with your legs slightly bent, bring your leg up and support it with your arms while you feel your hip start to strain in a good fashion. This will provide later muscle stability to the damaged hip flexor.

  • Quad and Hip flexor stretch: Lying on your side with your elbow supporting your head, bend your knee and support it with your hand on your ankle as you move your bent knee back, again slowly straining your hip and quad as you move back methodically

  • Kneeling hip flexor stretch: kneeling your stable leg out in front of you, taking the injured leg and move it out in front of you, pushing your hip forward as your knee extends with it, straining your hip in the best way for it.


Llin Private Physical Therapy Upper East Side NYC


With this information, you’re more equipped to come to our Private Physical Therapy upper east side NYC with the knowledge to make your pain management comfortable and efficient.