Physical Therapy After An ACL Tear

As an athlete, one of the most devastating injuries you can face is an ACL tear.  The ACL plays a crucial role in keeping the integrity of your knee intact, and when it sustains any damage, it can cause pain and diminish your athletic output.  Whether you need surgery to repair a tear or are fortunate enough to avoid this route, physical therapy will be a necessary part of the recovery process. At Llin Physical Therapy, we offer ACL rehab in NYC for athletes, so they can return to their sport missing as little time as possible.

Symptoms To Watch For       


The faster an ACL tear is diagnosed, the quicker a trained professional will be able to help you with ACL rehab in NYC.  A prompt treatment process limits the potential complications an injury such as this can bring. If you begin to experience any of the below symptoms, contact our staff right away:

  • A loud popping sensation in the knee at the time of injury.

  • Feelings of instability when placing weight on the knee.

  • Rapid swelling.

  • Reduced range of motion.

  • Experiencing excruciating pain that leads to the inability to continue your activity.

Treatment With Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a physical-based form of treatment that aims to promote healing from within.  When you visit our team at Llin Physical Therapy, our physical therapist will make a full assessment of your injury to determine the level of intensity your knee can handle before beginning treatment.  By utilizing a variety of exercises after an ACL tear, you’ll be able to achieve the following benefits:

  • Management and elimination of pain.

  • Regaining the ability to walk without assistive devices.

  • Reduced swelling in the knee.

  • Improved quadriceps contractions.

  • Restored strength in the knee.

  • Mitigate the risk of re-injury.  


Examples Of Physical Therapy Exercises


One of the most beneficial aspects of physical therapy is that a majority of the stretches and exercises that are taught to you during a session of ACL rehab in NYC can be performed on your own.  Once you’ve mastered the form and techniques, you’ll be able to help your knee heal from the comfort of your home. Examples of exercises that can be taught include:

  • Half squats.

  • Passive knee extensions.

  • Heel raises.

  • Heel slides.

  • Prone knee flexion.

Whether you are recovering from surgery or looking to avoid that treatment option, physical therapy will be needed to overcome an ACL tear.  Our team at Llin Physical Therapy are experts in ACL rehab in NYC and will work diligently to help you make a full recovery. If you’ve recently suffered from a torn ACL, and want to know what comes next, contact us today!  

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