Cash Based Physical Therapy Midtown East

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What is Cash Based Concierge Physical Therapy?

Let’s say that you have a muscle strain from playing your favorite sport, and now you’re looking to heal with the help of physical therapy. One visit can turn into several visits, and now you have to deal with the hassle of insurance payments. Not only that, but you are now limited as to what type of treatments your therapist can provide for you. Thankfully, Llin Physical therapy is here to help. We offer Cash-Based Concierge Physical Therapy Midtown to all of our patients. 


What is Cash-Based Concierge Physical Therapy?


Cash-based healthcare is a platform where you have customized payments for physical therapy, which typically makes PT much more affordable and effective. Most insurance providers charge their clients’ monthly fees or force them to pay copays when they see doctors or specialists. On average, copays can cost around $45, and if you are seeing a therapist 2 times a week for a month, those copays can definitely add up quickly. Additionally, therapists can be limited by what forms of treatment they can provide patients based on what their insurance provider is willing to cover.


With cash based physical therapy Midtown East at Llin, our clinician is not limited to treating you based solely on what your insurance is willing to pay. This is beneficial to patients because they can receive all optimal treatments offered and potentially improve their condition. In some cases, insurance providers may determine that your condition no longer requires treatment and refuse to continue to make payments even though you continue to experience pain and discomfort. This is precisely where cash based physical therapy Midtown East can benefit you!



What Other Benefits Does Llin PT Provide Patients?


One of the great benefits of visiting with our expert staff at Llin Physical Therapy is that we also have a mobile app that makes booking appointments simple. With the app, patients can schedule appointments that work best for them. The app also allows patients to do some of the following:


  • Schedule an initial evaluation or a physical therapy visit. 

  • Select the time that works best for them.

  • Book a wellness program (One-on-one sessions to help improve strength and conditioning).



Injuries & Exercises


Cash based physical therapy Midtown East through our app also gives patients the freedom to book times that work best with their schedule instead of trying to squeeze into a time that only works for the physical therapist. At Llin Physical Therapy, we understand that people are busy every day and their schedules are always changing. We want to be available to you when you need us most!  Llin Physical Therapy will make sure that your mechanics are correct when performing certain exercises, this way, we can ensure that you won’t risk injuring yourself. 


Depending upon the severity, some injuries may not require an exuberant amount of physical therapy appointments. Thankfully, this is another benefit of cash-based PT! Cash-based is an easier method of payment for physical therapy than having to deal with insurance companies. If you’re interested in learning more, Llin Physical Therapy is located on the Upper East Side. For someone who just underwent knee surgery, we treat a variety of injures post-rehab:


  • ACL reconstruction.

  • PCL reconstruction.

  • MPFL reconstruction.

  • Meniscal repair.

  • And many more!

Cash Based Physical Therapy Midtown East with Llin PT


At Llin Physical Therapy we are dedicated to getting you back to normal without having to stress about going through insurance with limited treatment options. We deal with all kinds of injuries from your shoulders, hips, and knees. You can schedule an appointment on our website homepage or you can download our app.  




Maurizio is the Founder of Llin Physical Therapy.  He has a doctorate in physical therapy and is a Level 1 Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting.  He specializes in sports medicine/orthopedics with a focus on shoulder, hip, and knee injuries.


As a sports enthusiast all his life, Maurizio is no stranger to injury and physical therapy. Through his past experiences as a patient, Maurizio now strives to deliver quality, one on one care with empathy and passion.  He stays on top of the

most cutting edge knowledge by regularly attending HSS, NYU, and Northwell lectures throughout NYC and Long Island.


Maurizio has been a physical therapist for the leading Broadway shows Avenue Q and Once on This Island; the stand-by PT for TV’s Quantico, and countless high school and collegiate athletes. He has also appeared on Eyewitness News demonstrating exercises to benefit marathon runners as well as a guest speaker on Yeshiva University’s sports physical therapy panel. As part of his practice, he continues to see his patients via his wellness program which emphasizes strength and conditioning once they complete their rehab.

At-Home Exercises

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Physical therapy is proven to increase health and pain relief to all different parts of your body. At Llin Physical Therapy, we give our patients dozens of exercises to help to benefit their bodies and target their pain concerns. There are actually many exercises that you can do on your own at home. If you’re feeling pain in any of these areas, these exercises are a great way to target them and feel some relief! Telehealth physical therapy can provide you with great ways to relieve chronic pains from sports injuries.

Exercises For Knee Pain


If you experience any knee pain, these exercises may be beneficial to you. Knee issues may include a hard time balancing, sharp knee pain, pain when you move your leg. If you have any of these symptoms, these may work for you!

  • Quadriceps Stretch- Stand straight with both feet on the ground. Next, Bend one leg towards your back and hold it with the corresponding hand. Hold for 10 seconds, then switch to the other side.

  • Half Squat- Stand with your feet about a foot apart. Keep your back straight and sit into a squatting position. Hold this stretch for 15 seconds.

  • Leg Extensions- Sit in a chair with your feet on the ground. Next, straighten one leg and then put it back down. Do this as many times as you can for each leg.



Exercises For Hip Pain


Hip pain is very common and can be extremely painful. These exercises target your hips and not only stretch them but they can also strengthen your hips!

  • Side Leg Raises- Lay down on your side with your legs straight out. Lift the leg that is closest to the ceiling as far as you can and put it back down. Do this as many times as you can on each side.

  • Glute Lifts- Lay on your stomach with both legs straight. Lift one leg straight towards the ceiling as far as you can. 

  • Hamstring Curl- Stand straight with both feet on the ground. Curl one leg backward at the knee, bringing your foot towards the ceiling.


Exercises For Your Shoulders


Just like hip pain, shoulder pain is very common. It can be caused by many day-to-day activities or even just bad posture. These shoulder exercises can help relieve this pain if they are done often:

  • Superman- This exercise is done laying on your stomach. Its name comes from the position of your body, it looks as if you’re flying like superman. From this position, you will lift your arms and legs while keeping your stomach planted on the ground.

  • Scapular Rotation- Stand straight and without shrugging your shoulders, lift your arm at a 45-degree angle and lift as high as you can without moving your shoulders. 

  • Shoulder Tap- Get into a push-up position. You will stay with your arms straight and instead of pushing up and down, you will tap your left hand to your right shoulder. Repeat for both sides 10 times each.


Telehealth Physical Therapy


These at-home exercises can be very helpful in reducing pain overtime but often, when the pain is severe, you may need more help to relieve it. Llin Physical Therapy is here to help! We work with patients every day to figure out ways to reduce their pain. Everyone's pain is unique which is why we work with patients one-on-one. Contact us to learn more about our telehealth physical therapy services!