Can a Hip Injury cause back pain?

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Have you recently suffered from a hip injury? Have you been suffering from back pain or back problems? Did you ever consider that your back pain could be a result of your hip injury? To help ease and alleviate the pain, you should consider physical therapy. If you live in the New York City area, and you are considering telehealth Physical Therapy in NYC, then we encourage you to give Llin Physical Therapy a call at 917-710-1413. Our team is well equipped and experienced to assist to alleviate your back pain that could be a result of past hip injuries. 




Your hips and back are close to each other and due to their close location on the body, they share some muscles and nerves when being exerted.


The pelvis and the lumbar spine are connected and function together to help you do everyday tasks. An injury to one area can easily affect the other thereby causing pain and discomfort. 


Hip Injuries 


Hip injuries are common. They can happen to anyone, because of how much we use the hip everyday to help us move around and complete daily activities. Some hip injuries are natural because the hip becomes overused or wears down over time and causes discomfort.  


Hip injuries can occur no matter what age or your athletic ability. Some common injuries can include:


  • Arthritis 

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Bursitis 

  • Tendonitis

  • Muscle Strains

  • Hip fractures 

  • Groin Strains 


How Hip Injuries Can Cause Back Pain


Having any type of hip injury can affect the rest of your body, specifically your back. Hip injuries can cause back pain because of the muscles, nerves, and ligaments that connect the two.  


The gluteal muscles connect the hip bone to the lower back, and are located in your upper buttock. When these muscles work together and become overused, it can result in injury and lead to back pain.


Hip injuries can also lead to walking in differently and that change may affect your back, as well. A change in gait can ultimately lead to bad posture, pain, and leave long lasting effects on your body, even after you have healed from your hip injury.   






There are various ways you can treat hip injuries so that they can help resolve or even prevent back injuries. Most importantly, our doctors for pain management will advise a short period of bed rest. 

Other options for treatment include:


  • Physical Therapy 

  • Applying Heat

  • Weight Loss

  • Eating healthy

  • Over the counter painkillers 



How Can LLIN Telehealth Physical Therapy in NYC Help?

Hip injuries can be a common occurrence, but that should not keep you from doing the things that you love. If you are seeking telehealth Physical Therapy in NYC, contact us at Llin Physical Therapy. Our team can assess the problem, and develop a custom treatment plan that is the best for you and will be able to alleviate the back pain.