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Bicep injuries are considered particularly rare injuries as only about 3 to 5 people per 100,000 people experience an injury annually. The biceps muscle is located in the front of your arm in the upper region. The biceps muscle has two tendons that attach it to the shoulder bones, and the other tendon attaches at the Elbow from the radius bone. Injuries can occur and include tendonitis and tears. Whether you experience a bruise or a complete tear, our bicep tendon tear specialist in NYC will help you.  

Bicep Tears








Women are less likely to experience an injury like this. The prevailing demographic for this injury is between the ages of 40-60. Studies show a plethora of degenerative, hypovascular, and mechanical factors contribute to the tear. The use of anabolic steroids and nicotine are also related to an increase in distal bicep tendon ruptures.



Tear Symptoms


Signs and symptoms of a distal bicep tear: 


  • Pain, swelling, bruising in the front of the Elbow 

  • Weakness in the affected arm when bending or twisting the Elbow 

  • Inability to feel the tendon and/or to see the biceps muscle belly pull up towards the shoulder 

  • Asymmetry in the bicep muscle 

  • A loud snap, pop, or giving way of the Elbow


After the surgery, you should expect to be in an elbow brace for about a month, month, and half. Each day 

you should notice swelling of the arm will go now, and the pain will also subside after icing and elevation of the arm. Once the brace or splint is off, the next step is rehabilitation. Rehab will last for no less than two months but could take up to four months for your bicep to heal as best as it can. Going back to work and participating in daily activities, the easier ones you can go back to within two to three weeks but should refrain from using your injured arm. If you have a desk job, you can go back as soon as one to two weeks. 


Llin Physical Therapy - Bicep Tendon Tear Specialist in NYC


Llin Physical Therapy can help provide treatment for patients who have experienced bicep tears. Unfortunately, if you lift, push or do physical activity using your arm, a bicep tendon tear specialist says you should avoid going back into work for four months. For any other questions, contact Llin Physical Therapy, a bicep tendon tear specialist in NYC. We will provide the care that you need to heal from your injury. Contact us today.

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A distal bicep tear is a tear of the biceps tendon located at the Elbow. The injury is pretty uncommon, and a person who does injure the tendon can likely receive the wrong help and further damage the tendon. Bicep tendon tear specialists in NYC state that the distal bicep tears are commonly caused by a sudden injury and tend to lead to more significant problems. Once the elbow tendon is torn, the tendons will not grow back correctly to the bone. It also will not be able to heal. Other muscles will be able to help the elbow move but still will not fulfill all the motions. For example, an injured person would not rotate the forearm from palm down to palm up. A bicep tendon tear specialist in NYC states that if you want to return your normal arm strength, surgery to repair the tendon is recommended. 


The way this tendon is typically torn is by an unexpected amount of force strikes you near the elbow causing over extension. It can also be caused by overusing the muscle either at the gym or at your job.