What is the best exercise for bursitis?

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Hip bursitis is a chronic hip pain that can affect the outer area of the hip and is caused by fluid-filled sacs in the hip joints becoming inflamed. The symptoms of hip bursitis include pain that is worsened with physical activities like walking or running. This type of chronic hip pain can be an overuse condition. If you are experiencing pain due to hip bursitis, you should look for physical therapy midtown east at Llin Physical Therapy!


What Is The Best Exercise for Bursitis?


Hip bursitis can be an irritating condition. The symptoms of hip bursitis can range in severity, but common symptoms are:

  • Sharp hip pain that becomes aching pain over time. 

  • Tenderness in the hip area. 

  • Worsened pain after prolonged or repetitive activity. 

  • Pain when running or climbing stairs. 


You should consult with your doctor for a diagnosis of your condition. While hip bursitis can cause you a lot of pain, there are exercises you can do to help strengthen your muscles surrounding your hips. Before starting exercises, go to physical therapy midtown east. Here are some exercises you can do to help treat hip bursitis:

  • Lateral leg raises - Lying lateral leg raises will help strengthen the outside part of your upper leg. This exercise does not require equipment. While lying on your right side with your arm extended, lift your left leg as far as you can, and bring the leg back down slowly. Repeat this exercise on that leg, and switch over to the other leg. If lying on your side bothers your hip bursitis, you can try putting something between the floor and your hip joint, or you can do this exercise while standing. 

  • Hip Bridges - This exercise requires no equipment and will engage your hip flexors, hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps. These muscles help support your hip joints. While lying flat on your back, place your feet flat on the ground with your legs bent. Lift your lower body without lifting your feet off of the ground until your hips are in line with your knees and shoulders. Then, lower your hips back down slowly and repeat. 

  • Leg Circles - Leg circles can help improve your flexibility and range of motion in your hips and legs. While lying flat on your back with your legs extended, lift your left leg off the ground and make small circles. Be sure to keep this leg straight. Switch over to the right leg and do about 30 reps on each leg. 


Incorporating these exercises into your life can help improve the pain you experience from hip bursitis. Physical therapy midtown east can help come up with a plan to effectively manage your pain and improve your symptoms! 


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